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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hunter Harassment Law is Unconstitutional - Support Jan Haagensen and her fight to demolish it.

Jan Haagensen writes:

Every citizen has the right to say NO to armed invasions of private property. Without the sanctuary I provide for wild creatures in my community, they would be mercilessly hunted, without hope of any refuge from the slaughter. The Commonwealth has to be shown the futility of attempting to help the killers muscle their way onto private land, over the legitimate and constitutionally protected resistance of individual landowners.

My suit will help to save the lives of many wild creatures, in addition to protecting (sometimes physically) those property owners who exercise their free speech rights to say I DO NOT WANT KILLING ON MY GROUND. I need the protection of a federal court to carry on the fight in my community, in defense of my home, and in defense of the home which I provide for wild creatures. I am at risk if I do not repair the damage to my reputation and livelihood; I am at physical risk if the hunters are not made to understand that further attacks on me could be dangerous to their financial health, and will not be tolerated by a federal court with jurisdiction over my challenge to the constitutionality of the harassment statute.


Anthony Marr interview with Jan Haagensen

Leg of a young fawn left behind by hunters

From Committee to Abolish Sports Hunting also has many subject on Jan Haagensen and where you can help with monetary support

There are three ways to donate to C.A.S.H. for Jan Haagensen:

1) Check made out to C.A.S.H. or Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting with Legal Fund-Jan Haagensen on the check, and mailed to: C.A.S.H., P.O. Box 562, New Paltz, NY 12561

2) Visa or MasterCard by calling 877-WILDHELP and specifiying that its for the Legal Fund-Jan Haagensen

3) PayPal from the C.A.S.H. website: and clicking on Donate

Steps toward a Legal Challenge to Hunter Harassment Statutes



Anthony Marr website
HOPE (Heal Our Planet Earth)

...Recreational hunters are a danger to society and do not care about human lives at all. (obviously why would they when they could care less how animal suffer for their own amusement)


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

March could be the month where the future of whales is changed forever.

In St. Petersburg, Florida the International Whaling Commission (IWC) just finished a meeting where they discussed a proposal to resume commercial whaling a final vote will take place in the coming months.

And in Tokyo, the Japanese government just resumed its efforts to silence us from exposing the true nature of Japanese “scientific whaling.”

Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, Greenpeace Japan activists, are currently standing trial for theft and trespass. What they really did was expose a scandal of government corruption in the whaling industry. They’ve already been held for 26 days - 23 of them without charge - interrogated daily for up to ten hours, often strapped to chairs and without access to counsel. Now they face up to ten years in jail for doing what any honest citizen should do - expose corruption.
The charges against these two incredibly brave activists are for allegedly intercepting a box of whale meat and presenting it as evidence to the Public Prosecutor. The box of whale meat had been illicitly removed by crew of a whaling factory ship, marked as "cardboard" and shipped to a private address. Tracked by our activists, it was intercepted and turned over as evidence of corruption at the heart of the whaling operation.

It’s an outrage that these brave activists are treated as criminals for defending whales, while the U.S. Administration and other IWC members consider rewarding the real criminals by legalizing their slaughter of whales.

I can only guess that whaling nations like Japan, Norway and Iceland and some members of the IWC believe that Greenpeace and our supporters can be bullied by excessive prosecution or sidelined by simply removing the moratorium.

Have they got it wrong! Greenpeace was one of the first groups to take action and highlight the plight of the whales over 35 years ago, and we'll continue to defend these amazing creatures for as long as it takes.

Source - Greenpeace mail shot.

Help Protect US Mustangs

Not quite a conservation issue, but more of an animal rights issue and a misappropriation of public resources, this story just came over the wire.
US Mustangs are actually feral descendants of European horses brought to North America by Spanish invaders. The US Yukon Wild Ass, like the European Tarpan is extinct.

A Cruel Waste of Your Tax Dollars

"President Obama and his Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar are asking for $75.7 million dollars in fiscal year 2011 primarily for more roundups and $43 million to buy one preserve likely in the East to warehouse some of the wild horses the BLM has condemned to captivity.......